A timeline of preparing for your trip

Step 1:  Nine months before trip: Every team member will need a current and up to date passport. The passport must not have an expiration date less than 6 months from the time of the trip.

Step 2: Four Months Before Trip: Book your round trip international tickets. These should be from your point of origin to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (airport code VVI). Flights to other cities in Bolivia such as Cochabamba will be booked separately.  We encourage all of our teams to purchase the travel insurance.

Step 3: Four Months Before Trip: Get necessary vaccines from your local health department. Yellow fever vaccination is required. Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tetanus vaccinations are recommended. The CDC website has a list of locations you can get the necessary vaccinations. 

Step 4: Four or Five Months Before Trip: Receive your letter of invitation to visit Bolivia. We will need the full names and passport numbers of all team members for the letter. We will upload a .pdf copy of the letter or letters in the Important Documents page.    

Step 5: Three Months Before Trip: Apply for your Bolivian tourist visa through the nearest consulate. Use the link to read all required materials and procedures. Please make sure you have completely submitted the online registration. The form to print should have a number on the bottom of the page. We suggest that you begin your application process two months before your trip. Another option is to use a visa service that will have an additional cost, but will ensure you receive your visa in a timely process. If you want this information, please contact us (LINK HERE). 

Step 6: Two Months Before Trip: Register with International Ministries Volunteers in Global Missions. This will provide the team with travel insurance. Please have all paperwork completed at least 30 days before your departure. You can contact Volunteers in Global Missions at 1-800-222-3872 ext. 2366 or at volunteers@internationalministries.org.   

Step 7: Two Months Before Trip: Register with the United States State Department through the STEP program.  

Step 8: Read recommended resources to prepare you and your team. Excellent book choices include When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert or Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton. 

Step 9: One Month Before Your trip: For those traveling with minors, please make sure you have a notarized letter from the parents or guardians of each minor giving them permission to travel.

Step 10: One Month Before Your Trip: Each team should also complete the House of Hope Trip Covenant and documents for International Ministries registration.