Ministries we support

The House of Hope Foundation works alongside several ministries throughout the region of Cochabamba. Check them out below and if you or your church are interested in getting involved further, visit our How to Help page. 

Children's Ministry at Villa Porvenir

One of our oldest ministries, located in an illegal squatter town outside of Cochabamba, the church at Villa Porvenir has petitioned the city to include the community so they can receive services (electricity, water, gas, police). The church helps with nutrition for children in one of the most malnourished areas of Cochabamba. The work of this church has nearly erased pediatric anemia in this community. Also, the church works with adults because this area has a high rate of cancer patients. They provide tutoring three times per week to students and will soon open a literacy ministry for adults, teaching them how to read and write. 

Fundación Kumi Levantate

Kumi Foundation is a ministry that focuses on mentally and physically handicapped children on the outskirts of the city. Due to the extreme poverty in the community, many children are born with physical and mental handicaps. The ministry seeks to provide physical therapy, tutoring, medical, nutritional and dental care. The Kumi Center also houses a church.  

las lomas (The dunes) ministry

Las Lomas is a ministry that was born out of the Kumi Foundation, that serves a similar population of people a little farther up the mountain, in a much more economically depressed region. They serve pregnant mothers, single-parent families and children with physical and mental handicaps. 

Ministerio proyectos esperanza irIs, first baptist church of cochabamba

The First Baptist Church of Cochabamba is the oldest baptist sanctuary in Bolivia. It sits in the heart of the city. Three days each week they open their doors for a free lunch to the homeless women and children living on the streets in the city. They also provide clothes, toothbrushes and a place for the women to bring their children for a bath and also a place for the Quechua women to wash their hair.  The women and children receive a hot meal, The babies under 5 are bathed and given new clothes, the women have a safe place to rest and they receive a message of the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  During the winter this ministry provides blankets to the families also.

Sonrisas de Esperanza (MOBILE DENTAL CLINICs)

Our ministry partners with a group of dentists named Sonrisis de Esperanza, which means 'Smiles of Hope' and they travel to different locations around the department of Cochabamba at least two weekends a month and provide basic dental care for the women and children who can't afford it. 


Our ministry partners with a group of local, Christian, Bolivian doctors who visit the ministries sites two weekends per month performing medical clinics. 

Congregación MONTE SINAí children's ministry

Congregation Monte Sinaí began as a children's ministry in the community Alto Buenavista. It began with 12 students receiving tutoring from a member of a local church and has now grown to a congregation of over 150 students in just 3 years. 

The House of Hope Foundation, in partnership with volunteer teams, built them a church building in 2015 so that they would have a safe place to have their programming.  


This is a ministry that supports women and children that are migrating down to the city from the mountains. Many of these women have never lived in the city and have never finished school or studied, so this ministry teaches them to make artisan crafts that they can sell in the city. While the mothers are working, this ministry provides teaching to the children through God's Word and tutoring, along with feeding them two to three times per week.

The ministry also provides housing for 6 to 8 students that are studying in the city, providing them a safe place to live while they are attending school. 

They offset their costs by teaching the students to make and sell bread, as well as minor construction projects. 


The First Baptist Church of Sipe Sipe has been operating for many years in a community about an hour outside of the city. The church was at one time a large congregation, that over the years has split and broken several times. Currently, the church is ministering to a large number of children living with their grandparents, who's parents have immigrated elsewhere for work (United States, Spain, etc).  For this reason, we are helping the church provide support to these families through tutoring, Vacation Bible Schools and other ministries of the church. Pastor Lourdes Salazar, who is the president of the Pastor's Union in Cochabamba has taken over the ministry and we are working with them to try and help them grow.