Opportunities to Serve

One of the ways that we ask people to connect with the ministries here in Bolivia is to come and visit us and help.  What skills do we need?  All of them!  We jokingly tell people that all they need is a pulse and we can find something for them to do.  Anything from painting to construction, soccer clinics to working with the children of prostitutes, there is a place for everyone.  

Would you like to bring a team and serve?  We suggest that teams wanting to serve come for a period of 8 to 10 days including travel time. This will give you at least one worship experience, 4 to 6 days to work and plenty of time to see and explore the country.

Some of the types of projects you might participate in...

  • Prep and painting a church
  • Building a COB (Adobe-like) house or church.
  • Sports clinics for after-school programs
  • light construction work
  • teaching a conference for pastors and leaders
  • Mobile Medical and/or Dental Clinics; physical therapy clinics
  • putting a roof on a church's education building
  • Tiling the floor of classrooms
  • Women's Ministry opportunities

To begin the process of bringing a volunteer team, please fill out the following form and someone from the house of Hope will get back to you ASAP. 

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Primary Contact Name
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What is your best date to come?
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What is a second option for your trip in case we are full?