If you are a U.S. Citizen, then you are required by the Bolivian government to pay for an obtain a Visa to enter the country.  The cost of the visa is $160 and you must apply for and receive your visa before your trip.  We strongly suggest that you apply for your visa three months before you come in case there are hang ups in the system. 

How do I apply?

To apply for a Bolivian Tourist or Special Purpose Visa, you must apply online at www.boliviawdc.org.

What do I need to apply?

To apply for a Bolivian Visa you need the following documentation.  

  1. Complete the Sworn Statement For Visa Application (online application will provide this automatically)
  2. One recent 2" x 2" passport type photograph (white background works best)
  3. Original Passport with at least 6 months of validity  
  4. Copy of an invitation letter (that we will provide) from Bolivian friends or relatives indicating the host address (if invitation letter is from friend or family, it must be personal, institutional invitations is only for Specific Purpose Visa) 
  5. Copy of travel itinerary
  6. Bank statement or equivalent that shows economic solvency (Please note that the validity of the document should be for at least the travel period). Parent's or Legal Guardian's Economic Solvency documents are accepted for underage applicants. You should black out your account numbers.
  7. Visa fee: US$ 160.00

What is the process to apply?

Go to the website and apply for your visa.  Follow the steps below and you will complete your application.  After it is complete, and all your documents are uploaded, you will print off your application page and send it in with your passport to complete the application.  The amount of time it will take them to process will begin when they receive your passport.  Follow the directions below for the online application.

How long will I be waiting for my passport to return?

It should be processed, if there are no problems, in less than 3 weeks (usually in 2 or less).

Follow the following bullet list to apply for your visa online:

  • Go to the boliviawdc.org and then to the page.  Under "Consular Affairs" go to Visas and then when the list of visas comes up, click on "Tourist Visa"
  • About half-way down the page there will be a black-and-white icon that says "Sworn Statement for Visa Application".  Click on the arrow in the icon.
    • NOTE: When people see the next page they get scared because they don't look past the Spanish instructions.  There are English Instructions at the end of each question.  They may have bad grammar at times, but they are pretty simple.
  • Fill out the online form "INSTRUCCIONES PARA INICIAR SU TRAMITE / DIRECTIONS TO START YOUR APPLICATION".  This form is an email registration form that you must do before you apply for the visa.  Fill it out and they will send you an email with a validation code that will give you access to the application.  
    • To complete the form, click on the link "Registro del correo y envio al solicitante / registration email and sent to the applicant
    • You will be sent an email immediately that will have a number code.  Place that code on the next page and continue the process.
  • Paso 1/Step 1: General Information - Only parts with an asterisk "*" are required
    • *Type of Visa: Visas de Turismo (fourth choice)
    • *Surname 1: Last Name
    • Surname 2: If you don't have second last name leave this blank
    • *First Name: First Name
    • Middle Name: Middle Name
    • *Pais/Country: choose United States
    • Place of Birth: city you were born in
    • *State: State you were born in
    • *Date of Birth
    • *National Identification Number: Use your driver's license number.
    • *Present Occupation: If in High School or College, use "student".
    • Home Phone number: optional
    • Work Phone number: optional
    • *Mobile Phone number: include the 1 here (don't use dashes, just numbers)
    • Email Address
    • *Marital Status: Must choose one here
    • *Sex: please place gender
    • *Nationality: choose United States
    • *Attach a 3cm X 3cm photo to the application
      • NOTE: Make it no more than 160 pixels by 160 pixels because they don't allot very much space for your downloads so they have to be small.
  • Paso 2/Step 2 of 5: Travel document
    • Insert passport number
    • Insert the issuing country and city and state printed in (If you don't know use Philadelphia, PA)
    • Enter the issuing and expiration date of your passport
  • Paso 3/Step 3 of 5: Additional Information
    • Have you ever applied before?: NO
    • What is your main destination in Bolivia: Depends on where you are working.  The address will be on the invitation letter you received from us.
    • How many days will you be in Bolivia: use drop-down list here
    • Do you have relatives in Bolivia: NO
  • Paso 4/ Step 4 of 5: Emergency Contact
    • Emergency Contact: Must provide a name
    • Lugar de Solicitud: Use the name of the city where that has the consulate you will be sending your passport to.
  • Paso 5/Step 5 of 5: Attaching your docs
    • Attach the following: Copy of your itinerary, Scan of your passport (must be valid for more then 6 months at the time of travel), Scan of bank statement, and Scan of the letter of invitation.
    • NOTE: make sure to scan these documents at the lowest possible resolution so that you have room to save them all.
  • Review and Submit
    • You will next see the document, be careful because you aren't done.  This is just to review your answers.  Make sure to confirm and then click the button to submit the document.  If you stop at this point, you haven't finished and you won't be considered for a visa.  Make sure to submit your visa completely before printing.  You will know because there will be a code at the footer of the page once it has been submitted.  It must have this code or it won't be accepted.

Once you have completed the following and have been accepted and given a reference number, you need to send your passport, a copy of the finalized form and then send it to the consulate by FedEx or UPS and include a pre-paid return slip so that they can send it back to you when done.  They will not pay for postage.  Don't forget to include $160 in the envelope.